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This Week in DVD & Bluray (04-27-10)

April 26, 2010

Though not as amazing as last week, this week is a pretty solid DVD and Bluray week!  A nice mixture of new releases, re-issues and new-to-Bluray releases should make for a great week of home viewing during this nasty storm week (if you’re in Chicago, that is).  Enjoy!


The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus – DVD & Bluray

Acquired taste director Terry Gilliam’s most recent film also serves as actor Heath Ledger’s final film.  Though Ledger passed away in the middle of the shooting schedule for this film, several other actors pitched in to bring “Imaginarium” to a conclusion.  See Heath Ledger, Jude Law, Johnny Depp and Colin Farrell all play the same character in this whimsical modern-day fairy tale.



It’s Complicated – DVD & Bluray

Meryl Streep plays self-sufficient Jane, mother of three adult children and successful owner of her own Santa Barbara bakery.  After ten years of divorce and freedom from Jake (Alec Baldwin) she is just starting to take an interest in a guy, Adam (Steve Martin), her architect.  Only thing is,  Jake, now married to a woman young enough to be his daughter, is interested in Jane again, when they all get together for their son’s college graduation.  Is there anything to rekingle with Jake or should she seek something new with Adam? That’s right, folks…..It’s Complicated! Nancy Meyer is back with her genre niche of over-privileged people with problems.


Other DVD & Bluray releases for the week of 04/27/10:

– Armageddon – Bluray

– The Barbara Stanwyck Collection (Universal Backlot Series) – DVD

– Class of Nuke ‘Em High – Bluray

– Dark Nature – DVD & Bluray

– The Descent: Part 2 – DVD

– Disgrace – DVD & Bluray

– District 13: Ultimatum – DVD & Bluray

– District B13/District 13: Ultimatum – Bluray Combo

– Dogora – Bluray

– Dune – Bluray

– Elizabeth: The Golden Age – DVD & Bluray

– Five Minutes of Heaven – DVD & Bluray

– The Fugitive Kind (Criterion Collection) – DVD

– G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero – Season 2.0 – DVD

– Georgia O’Keeffe – TV Miniseries – DVD

– The Hills: Season Five, Part Two – DVD

– I Love Lucy: The Movie and Other Great Rarities – DVD

– The Jackal – Bluray

– Life Blood – DVD

– Murphy’s Law: Series 2 – DVD

– Out of Africa (25th Anniversary Combo Pack) – Bluray

– Ride with the Devil (Criterion Collection) – DVD & Bluray

– Rita Rocks: The Complete Season One – DVD

– Sherri: The Complete Season One – DVD

– The Spectacular Spider-Man: Volume Eight – DVD

– Survivors: The Complete Original Series (1975-1977) – DVD

– Survivors: Complete Seasons One and Two – DVD

– Tales from the Darkside: The Third Season – DVD

– Tales from the Darkside: Three Season Pack – DVD

– Tombstone – Bluray

– Traffic – Bluray

– Transylmania – DVD

Go forth and conquer the video stores, Netflix queues, and Redboxes near you!

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