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This Week in DVD & Bluray (05-11-10)

May 11, 2010

This week features an ultra-light version of a normal DVD and Bluray release batch.  There are only a couple of first-time releases (all of the action/thriller variety), and then a ton of “Robin Hood” content to get you psyched for the new Ridley Scott release of “Robin Hood” coming up this Friday.  Enjoy!


The Bandit of Sherwood Forest – DVD

Daria: The Complete Animated Series – DVD

Daybreakers – DVD & Bluray

The Edge – Bluray

Edge of Darkness – DVD & Bluray

Hang ‘Em High – Bluray

High Anxiety – Bluray

History of the World, Part I – Bluray

The Karate Kid – Bluray

The Karate Kid, Part II – Bluray

The Karate Kid/The Karate Kid, Part II Combo Pack – Bluray

Legion – DVD & Bluray

The Magnificent Seven Collection – Bluray

Malice in Wonderland – DVD

The Man in the Iron Mask – Bluray

Marked for Death – Bluray

My Wife & Kids: Season 2 – DVD

The Prince of Thieves – DVD

Raising the Bar: The Complete Second Season – DVD

Robin Hood: Men in Tights – Bluray

Rogues of Sherwood Forest – DVD

Sword of Sherwood Forest – DVD

Go forth and conquer the video stores, Netflix queues, and Redboxes near you!

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