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This Week on DVD & Bluray (01-04-11)

January 4, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  This week there are a handful of so-so movies to check out that may breathe a little better on your own screen than they did on the big screen. There’s ” Dinner for Schmucks”, “The Last Exorcism”, and “Machete”, which will find more viewers now (especially those last two) and then there’s “Catfish” a controversial doc that hardly anyone saw yet is so worth your time. You’ll find links to all four below….
Among the films (and TV shows) I’ve never seen that strike my interested: that Ricky Gervais animated show looks fun as does the complete collection of an animated classic with a certain Moose and Squirrel. I am quite happy to find all those old Jack Lemmon comedies (“Under the Yum Yum Tree”, “Phfft!”, “Good Neighbor Sam”, and “Notorious Landlady”) now available.
Also, “1981” looks interesting….I’ve never heard of it but here’s the synopsis is about an 11 year-old by who shirks his family and spins a web of lies in order to gain acceptance from his friends.
As for the rest? Well, you got your requisite Cuba Gooding Jr. (“Ticking Clock”) and Val Kilmer (“Gun”) straight-to-DVD flicks, and several others that finally made it to Bluray (“A Walk in the Clouds” & “Ishtar” yes!),  and you have one bloated First Release Date of the Year….
  • 1981 – DVD
  • A Walk in the Clouds – Bluray
  • Backdraft (Anniversary Edition) – Bluray
  • Battlestar Galactica: Season Four – Bluray
  • Big Love: The Complete Fourth Season – DVD
  • Bitter Feast – DVD
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season Eight Motion Comic – Bluray
  • Camille – DVD
  • Caroline – Bluray
  • Case 39 – DVD
  • Catfish – DVD/Bluray
  • Dinner For Schmucks – DVD/Bluray
  • Dirty Tricks – DVD
  • El Mariachi/Desperado – DVD/Bluray
  • Ever After: A Cinderella Story – Bluray
  • Good Neighbor Sam -DVD
  • The Guilty – DVD
  • Gun -DVD/Bluray
  • Hope Floats – Bluray
  • Howl -DVD/Bluray
  • iCarly: Season Two, Vol. 2 -DVD
  • Ishtar – Bluray
  • Last American Cowboy -DVD
  • The Last Exorcism -DVD/Bluray
  • The Lena Baker Story -DVD
  • Life Unexpected: The Complete First Season -DVD
  • Machete -DVD/Bluray
  • Make it Or Break It: Season One, Vol. 2 -DVD
  • Mannix: The Fourth Season -DVD
  • My Dog Skip – Bluray
  • The Notorious Landlady -DVD
  • Once Upon A Time In Mexico -DVD/Bluray
  • Operation Mad Bull -DVD
  • Phffft! – DVD
  • The Ricky Gervais Show: The Complete First Season -DVD
  • Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends: The Complete Series -DVD
  • The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Complete Third Season -DVD
  • Ticking Clock -DVD/Bluray
  • Top Chef: The Complete Season Seven -DVD
  • Touching Home -DVD
  • Under the Yum Yum Tree – DVD
  • The Yellow Handkerchief -DVD


So, go forth and seek out whatever tickles yer fancy, by any means available….



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