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COMING SOON: February 2011

February 4, 2011

While we may be kinda snowswept here in Chicago, there are a few films that just might inspire us to gather together the dog sled and make our way to the theater. For one thing, it’s time for another Adam Sandler movie! And since Nicolas Cage hasn’t come out with a film since….uh, last month, it’s a bout time we see another one with him. There’s also movies with Justin Bieber, Triple H, and Martin Lawrence (not all in the same movie but wouldn’t that be something). Okay, it may not feel like there are any real standouts yet but there could always be some surprises among the bunch here set for release this month. Look at all the limited release or NY/LA exclusive films that seem to be increasing each month. While they may not see a theater near you, at least you can log them on your radar and be on the lookout, if you’re so compelled. As usual, there are links to each title’s imdb page, so feel free to click for more info….


February 4



File:Carancho film.jpg


February 11



February 18 

February 25 


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