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This Week on DVD & Blu-ray (09-13-11)

September 13, 2011

This is just one of those weeks where it seems like a dump truck is just unloading releases! Amid the array of TV seasons, kiddie fare, and reissues, there’s also some handsome Criterion releases on Blu-ray (Altman’s “3 Women” and Hallstrom’s “Life As a Dog”) and a handful of Anniversary Editions (“The Frighteners” and “Halloween II”), but most notably “Citizen Kane” which celebrates 70 years! One of the best comic book movies of the year “Thor” is finally out, but “Meek’s Cutoff” and “Incendies” are the two movies I’m excited to catch up with. They will be added to my long list.
As always, you can find links to reviews below. Enjoy the Rundown….
And, of course, the big release this week is the entire Star Wars saga, out on Blu-ray for the first (but probably not the last) time! Tweaked and polished for another go-round, George Lucas promises enough bells and whistles to….well, hold you over until the next rerelease. You can buy all six films together (see above) or each trilogy separately. Many Star Wars geeks are elated, why others are howling like a wookie who was just double-crossed by a smooth-talker from Cloud City. Either way, the Force is strong with this release!
Available on Friday, September 16th!
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