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This Week on DVD & Blu-ray (11-22-11)

November 22, 2011

Wes Anderson, J.J. Abrams, and Sidney Lumet, are directors that rise to the top of this week’s list of new releases. Working with Steven Spielberg, Abrams paid homage to those Amblin films, capturing the bond of childhood friendships amid intense sci-fi action in “Super 8.” (And for those that saw the movie and were still wondering what Super 8 is, now is the time for another viewing). Two excellent movies are making their way to Blu-ray, thanks to Criterion. First, there’s “Rushmore”, my personal favorite Wes Anderson film, which unfortunately has no updated material from the previously released Criterion, but it nevertheless has an excellent abundance of extra material. Then there’s “12 Angry Men”, Sidney Lumet’s classic debut from 1957, a taut and absorbing drama that focuses on a contentious hury deliberation. If you’ve never seen it, I vote that you seek it out. 

Just in time for Thanksgiving weekend, we have….”Conan the Barbarian!” What? Everyone knows decapitation and carnage brings the entire family together. I do plan on catching up with that one (no rush, of course), just to see how crazy bad it is. I also plan on seeing “The Devil’s Double” starring Dominic Cooper in a dual role as a body double for Uday Hussein (Sadam’s son) and the sadistic playboy. Cooper is an actor I’ve come to apprecate, one who’s had a great year so far (“Captain America” and “My Week with Marilyn”) and this film has received mostly postive buzz, so it should be interesting.  

Those are the standouts from this week right there. Below you can find links to previous reviews. Enjoy ther Rundown…







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