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Keeping It Reel Podcast #2 – Moonrise Kingdom

June 24, 2012

We’re back! Week two finds myself and Demetri Kouvalis (owner/manager of the Patio Theater) discussing recent movie news, Wes Anderson’s latest “Moonrise Kingdom” as well as going through what we’ve been watching. Thanks to those of you who’ve listened to last week’s pilot episode. If you haven’t heard it yet,  you can go back and find the link on our previous post. We’ll eventually be putting the show on iTunes to make it easy for folks to find us, but I’ll continue to post links here.


  • Intro – Who we are and what we’ll be covering in this episode
  • Moonrise Kingdom – We both saw it. Find out what we’ve thought about it and listen as I overuse words like “enjoyable” and “clever”. 
  • Discussion – Find out what we’ve been watching, such as: “Jeff, Who Lives at Home” (2012) and “Bernie” (2012) as well as “Alien Resurrection” (1996) and two films by American filmmakers, Neveldine/Taylor (specifically, the 2009 films “Crank: High Voltage” and “Gamer”, with a dash of “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance” (2012)) 
  • Announcements – Support the Patio Theater Kickstarter Campaign
This episodes shorter as we aim to keep each show at about an hour or so. 
Check it out HERE!
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(the above photo was taken by Otto Rascon when he recently visited the projector booth of the Patio theater)
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