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Reel Talk Podcast #27 – Hard Eight

February 12, 2013



Something uncanny and unplanned (not unusual) happened this episode. Both Demetri and myself wound up watching Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Hard Eight”. Released in 1996, this modern noir crime thriller was the writer/director’s first feature, which he expanded from his 1993 short “Cigarettes & Coffee”.  It stars a couple of actors that PTA would work with in his following films; Philip Baker Hall, in one of his best roles, and a young John C. Reilly as well as cameos by Robert Ridgely and Melora Walters (both of whom were in “Boogie Nights”). It also features some fine work by Gwyneth Paltrow and Samuel L. Jackson. So, listen along and see what we both thought of “Hard Eight” as we viewed it for the first time….



EPISODE 27 – Breakdown

  • Intro
  • Discussion–  Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Hard Eight” & What We’ve Been Watching
  • Announcements:  The Patio Theater has partnered with the Chicago Cinema Society for some great upcoming events!


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