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Reel Talk Podcast #32 Remembering Roger Ebert & Reviewing Shogun Assassin

April 20, 2013



With the recent death of Roger Ebert, the film critic community and fans took time to come together and reflect – we should do no less. Demetri and David talk about Ebert and the recent Celebration at the Chicago Theatre that David attended. That doesn’t take up the entire show though, because the show must go on. We also discuss the film “Shogun Assassin” a bloody samurai cult classic from 1980 that was recently screened at the Patio Theater. There we go! Two highly-influential subjects discussed in the latest episode of the Reel Talk Podcast.


EPISODE 33 – Breakdown

  • Intro
  • News –  we talk about the life and death of Roger Ebert and David talks about attending the Celebration for the iconic film critic.
  • Discussion – a discussion of “Shogun Assassin” the cult favorite samurai movie that adapts the Lone Wolf and Cub manga books!
  • Announcements:  The Patio Theater has partnered with the Chicago Cinema Society for some great upcoming events!

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