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The 19th Chicago European Union Film Festival 2016 – LATIN LOVER

March 5, 2016



written by: Cristina Comencini and Giulia Calenda
produced by: Lionello Cerri
directed by: Cristina Comencini
rated: unrated
runtime: 104 min.
release date: March 19, 2015 (Italy), March 5th & 8th, 2016 (Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago, IL)


2015’s “Latin Lover” may revolve around the celebration of Saverio Crispo (a fictional Italian silver screen icon and womanizer, played by Francesco Scianna) on the 10th anniversary of his death, but the true celebration is the bouquet of wonderful actresses the film, from Italian director/co-writer, Cristina Comencini, showcases.

This is the kind of movie that allows viewers a chance to discover new talent. Audiences may have seen some of these Spanish and Italian actresses in other, more familiar films, from the likes of Pedro Almodovar and Comencini’s previous films, but seeing them altogether is a real treat. The wonderful cast play ex-wives, mothers and daughters of the late Saverio, some get along while others are resentful for the time and attention the others had with the actor. The reunion brings emotions, insecurities and newfound truths to the surface, while a historian, a reporter and a stunt double circle around the collection of women, eventually revealing what they all had in common with this one particular man. Combining beautiful cinematography with nostalgic clips from Saverio’s past films (again, all fictional). The fantastic cast includes: Marisa Paredes, Angela Finocchiaro, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Pihla Vitali, Nadea MirandaCandela Peña, Jordi MollàLluís Homar, Claudio Gioè, Neri Marcorè and, in her final film, Virna Lisi.

“Latin Lover” plays today at 6pm and on Tuesday, March 8th at 6pm (after the Tuesday screening, the Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago invites the audience to a reception in honor of International Women’s Day in our Gallery/Café).







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