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The 3rd Annual Irish American Movie Hooley

September 29, 2017



Wait a minute, what’s a Hooley? Don’t worry, it’s a real thing – I Googled it.  It’s an Irish party; typically an evening of traditional music and dance. That makes sense. I can picture that. For the 3rd time, the Gene Siskel Film Center, here in Chicago, will be presenting the Irish American Movie Hooley, a party (er, festival) celebrating stories revolving around Irish Americans.  From September 29th through October 1st, the Film Center, along with Hibernian Transmedia invite you to the party, where three recent films will be featured each night. That’s not all! The Emerald Loop Bar and Grill hosts an opening night party on Friday, September 29th – see details below….

So far, I’ve only seen one of the three films, “Emerald City”, but I wanted to get the word out about this weekend-long party. I will soon post a brief review of “Emerald City” below and will do the same for the other two films, “The Dunning Man” and “The Young Offenders” as I watch them – so check back here for updates!

In the meantime, the synopsis for each film is below, as well as a list of guest appearances related to each film. To purchase tickets for this great click here!





Out of work and jilted by his girlfriend, Connor Ryan (Carpinello of “Gotham” and “The Mob Doctor”) returns to his native Atlantic City, tail between his legs, to manage the apartments he owns in a dumpy low-rise complex at the foot of a luxury casino. Based on Kevin Fortuna’s critically acclaimed short story collection, this comedy-drama plumbs the black-humorous depths of Connor’s existential despair when a harried single mother (Gardner) complains of noise, bringing the reluctant landlord face to face with his other freeloading tenants, including a high-living rapper with an active love life and a pair of sinister Chechen animal trainers moonlighting as gangsters.

Friday, September 29: Writer Kevin Fortuna is scheduled to appear for audience discussion. Following the show, the audience is invited to an opening night party at the Emerald Loop Bar and Grill, 216 N. Wabash Ave., Chicago.





The hardscrabble world of a clutch of New York Irish construction workers unfolds in this tale rife with humor, pathos, love, and tragedy. Smalltime contractor Pat Mack (Keating) struggles to keep his hard-partying crew focused on his perpetually behind-schedule rehab jobs while hiding the problems with booze, money, and the law threatening his marriage. He’s got all the charm of the Irish without the luck, and his guys, including ex-boxer Podge (Duddy) and church-going teetotaler Richard (John McConnell), keep the plot simmering with high drama. Director/writer Broderick, born and raised in County Tyrone, has lived it all, and he fittingly plays Collie, the dreamer who yearns to be a writer. Executive produced by Brendan “Mr. Bates” Coyle of “Downton Abbey” fame.

Saturday, September 30: Director/writer Colin Broderick, actor John Duddy, and selected members of cast and crew are scheduled to appear for audience discussion.





This wacky, rough-and-ready comedy, a runaway hit on home shores, is loosely based on the real story of Ireland’s biggest drug bust. Taking exceptional advantage of Cork’s picturesque vistas, it’s a buddy movie with a road-movie caper plot featuring Conor (Murphy) and Jock (Walley), a pair of restless lads from the wrong side of the tracks, who nonetheless harbor millionaire dreams. Their naiveté is borne out in a half-baked scheme to ride to the coast on stolen bicycles in search of a bale of cocaine gone missing in a shipwreck. With a ruthless gangster poised at one end of the equation and an obsessed cop who’s in hot pursuit on his bike at the other end, the boys soon find themselves between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

Sunday, October 1: Producer Julie Ryan is scheduled to appear for audience discussion.



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