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COMING SOON: April 2010

April 1, 2010

Traveling abroad took me away from posting this last month, so I didn’t want to pass up on the new theatrical releases for April. As usual, some of these films are either: finally making their way to the states, have hit the festivals for some time, or have been on the shelf for a while and are finally seeing the light of day. Like any other month, you got your major studios releasing remakes, two comic book adaptations, at least one 3D release and the typical rom-coms. If a film doesn’t fall into any of these categories, it’s become increasingly difficult for a film to make it into theaters.

Regardless, from what I see, April has quite the variety to offer. There’s new films by directors such as Michel Gondry, Mathew Vaughn, Neil LaBute, Tim Blake Nelson with work by Liam Neeson (two films!), Elizabeth Shue, Jim Carrey, and Chris Rock. Click on the film title for the imdb link for info and trailer….

April 2

File:Leaves of grass ver2.jpg

April 9

File:Date night poster.jpg

April 16

File:DeathataFuneral2010film poster.jpg

April 22

April 23


April 30


April TBA

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