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Trailer Tuesday (07-20-10)

July 20, 2010

Since last week’s ‘Trailer Tuesday’ post was so well received, we are going to keep this train rolling.  There were a couple of really exciting and entertaining trailers released in the last week or so, so let’s take a look!



Directorial duo and brother Drew and John Erick Dowdle take an M. Night Shyamalan story and adapt it for the big screen.  A group of people get stranded in an elevator.  Everything seems under control for a short while, until a threat from inside the elevator makes itself known.


Due Date

From the brilliant mind that brought us Old School, Talladega Nights, and The Hangover, now introduces Due Date.  Father-to-be Peter (Robert Downey Jr.) must hitch a ride with an eccentric aspiring actor Ethan (Zach Galifianakis) to make it to the birth of his child on time.


The Town

Ben Affleck, who recently wrote and directed critical-success Gone Baby Gone, is back in the writer-director seat, but also starring, in the heist-drama The Town.  Alongside Affleck, a star-filled cast including Jon Hamm, Chris Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Rebecca Hall, and Blake Lively play in this film that’s about a team of bank robbers evading FBI agents, while one of the robbers falls in love with a bank manager from a previous job.  Though it sounds a little run-of-the-mill and maybe a bit cheesy, the trailer looks solid, and there’s no denying Affleck’s abilities as a writer-director.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

It’s the last Harry Potter, people.  I gotta show it.


The American

Long-time music video director Anton Corbijn introduces his second feature film endeavor with this trailer.  The American is about an American assassin, played by George Clooney, who has — of course — one last job to do in Italy.  He has made a career of making enemies and must survive one more stretch abroad amidst espionage, assassination attempts, and a romance.



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