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Announcement: The Official ‘Keeping It Reel’ Podcast!

February 23, 2011


Ladies and gents,


We are giddy to announcement to you, our lovely readers, that we have launched the official Keeping It Reel podcast!  This week marks our very first episode (linked below), which will hopefully be the first of many.  We are excited about expanding our coverage to new mediums, and we hope that all of you will find some enjoyment out of it!


Now keep in mind, this is our pilot episode.  That being said, David and I are extremely proud of the final product.  Follow the link below to hear us go back and forth about:

  • Some of our favorite films of 2010
  • Year-end superlatives
  • Oscar discussion
  • Oscar winner predictions


Note: we are in the middle of the approval process with iTunes, which will enable you to subscribe to our podcast through iTunes, but until then, the link below is the main avenue to hear our show.  If you have a non-iTunes RSS catcher, enter ‘’ into your program to subscribe.  We will definitely let you know when ‘Keeping It Reel’ makes it onto iTunes (very soon)!




Keeping It Reel Podcast – Episode 1: 2010 Year in Review

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