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Keeping It Reel Podcast #1 – Season Two/Reboot!

June 17, 2012


We’re all used to reboots by now, right? Early last year, Paul Balsom and I recorded a couple of podcasts. We had a good time and we are still quite proud of them, but for a variety of reasons, we did not continue. Well, Keeping It Reel is now taking another go at it. As many of you know – or at least those  of you who have been following me here – I have been a strong supporter of the Patio Theater, a beautifully-restored one-house movie theater in the Portage Park neighborhood of Chicago, IL. For five dollars, you get a fantastic moviegoing experience and support a unique classic theater. I’ve also developed a friendship with the owner, Demetri Kouvalis, and he and I have decided to embark on a weekly podcast. We have a format in mind (which may change over time, but we’ll must first establish a groove), but the goal is just to talk about movies: news, some reviews, discussing what we’ve seen, and also answering emails that come our way. Here’s what you can expect….


  • Introduction – who we are and what the show will be about and what to expect in this particular episode
  • Review  – Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus”
  • Discussion –  other “Alien” films, talking Peter Berg’s “Battleship”,  Demetri shares his thoughts on Mario Bava’s 1965’s “Planet of the Vampires” (turns out the entire movie can be seen on YouTube here) and I share about “Rock of Ages” (now in theaters).

It clocks in at almost two hours, but we’re gonna try and reel it back to around one hour or so in the future. Consider this a Season Two pilot episode.

Check it out HERE!

You’ll wanna pay attention to our respective pages (The Patio Theater & Keeping It Reel) on Facebook for  any news or updates on the show and feel free to send any comments or questions to:

(the above photo is from the Patio’s projection booth (which has a lot of character to it) was taken by Otto Rascon)


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