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This Week on DVD & Blu-ray (08-21-12)

August 21, 2012
Finally! The Iranian drama “A Separation”, winner of Best Foregin Language Film at this year’s Oscar ceremony, is now available on DVD & Blu-ray! Asgar Farhadi’s compelling story about the dissolution of a marriage, that also examines class division and cultural tradition, was on just about every year-end list last year, even though it hit most theaters earlier this year. I look forward to finally catching up with it. Richard Linklater’s latest film “Bernie” is a delightful and strange unconventional dramedy (or mockumentary) starring Shirley MacLaine, Matthew McConaughey and Jack Black, in a charismatic lead role like you’ve never seen him. And then there’s “The Dictator” a one-note, predominately unfunny excuse for Sacha Baron Cohen to do his schtick. Even Baron Cohen loyalists will wanna forget this one.
Disney is re-releasing some of their animated classics along with this year’s Disneynature documentary “Chimpanzee”. Also out this week is “Chico & Rita” the Spanish animated feature that was nominated for an Oscar this year as well, that showcases some unique animation as well as an infectious jazz soundtrack. For its 15th anniversary, Miramax is releasing Gus Van Sant’s Oscar-winnng film “Good Will Hunting”, one of my favorites of 1997. Not sure if this Blu-ray has any celebratory bells and whistles. Criterion is releasing a British romantic drama called “Weekend” which came out last year, earning some good buzz.
The rest of the list seems hit or miss – unless you’ve been itching to complete a Michael Myers Blu-ray collection or if you’re into “War Games” then you can now play global thermal nuclear war in Blu-ray as well. Then again, if you’re following the career of Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, then you’ll wanna catch up with “Freelancers”, where the rapper/actor reteams with his “Righteous Kill” costar Robert DeNiro. Yikes.
That’s it for this week! Previous reviews are highlighted below. Enjoy the Rundown!
  • A Separation (DVD/Blu-ray)
  • The Adventures of Tintin: Season Three (DVD)
  • The Aristocats (Two-Disc Special Edition) (DVD/Blu-ray)
  • Bernie (DVD/Blu-ray)
  • Black Magic Rites (Remastered Edition) (DVD/Blu-ray)
    Chimpanzee (DVD/Blu-ray)
  • Chico & Rita (DVD/Blu-ray)
  • The Closer: The Complete Seventh Season (DVD)
  • The Color Out Of Space (DVD)
  • Crisis at the Castle (DVD)
  • The Dictator (Banned & Unrated Version) (DVD/Blu-ray)
  • Freelancers (DVD/Blu-ray)
  • Good Will Hunting (15th Anniversary Edition) (Blu-ray)
  • Gossip Girl: The Complete Fifth Season (DVD)
  • Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (Blu-ray)
  • Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (Blu-ray)
  • Hell (DVD/Blu-ray)
  • Home Run Showdown (DVD/Blu-ray)
  • House M.D. – Season Eight (DVD/Blu-ray)
  • Megacities (DVD)
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Season 1, Vol.1 (DVD)
  • Mike & Molly: The Complete Second Season  (DVD)
  • One in the Chamber (DVD/Blu-ray)
  • Pocahontas (Two-Movie Special Edition, 3-Disc Combo Pack) (Blu-ray)
  • Post Mortem (DVD/Bllu-ray)
  • The Rescuers: 35th Anniversary Edition (2 Movie, 3-Disc Combo Pack) (Blu-ray)
  • Revenge: The Complete First Season (DVD)
  • Sedona (DVD/Blu-ray) – August 22nd
  • The Shooting / Ride in the Whirlwind (Blu-ray)
  • Shut Up and Play the Hits (DVD)
  • Six Bullets (DVD)
  • Sunny (DVD)
  • The Super Hero Squad Show: The Infinity Gauntlet Vol. 4 (DVD)
  • Visions of Ecstasy (Blu-ray)
  • WarGames (Blu-ray)
  • Weekend (Criterion Collection) (DVD)



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