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Reel Talk Podcast #12 – The Last 5 Films We’ve Watched!

September 19, 2012

We recently mixed things up a bit and decided to rundown and discuss the last five films that we watched – so, this episode may be a little longer, but that’s because we cover ten films!  One of them stars Nicolas Cage and another once stars Dwayne Johnson, looking really intense (imagine that!).

EPISODE 12 – Breakdown

  • Intro
  • Film News: James Cameron talks about his “nasty “Jurassic Park”, another “Godzilla” movie, and more “Bourne” sequels and another “Ted” movie.
  • Discussion: The Last Five Films We’ve Watched! – “Troll Hunter”, “The Bourne Legacy”, “Face/Off”, “Payback”, “Primal Fear”, “Magnolia”, “Journey 2: Mysterious Island”, “Boogie Nights”, “Hoop Dreams” &  “Convict 4”
  • Conclusion

If something like this interests you, we might do it again. If you’re so inclined and would like to follow along with what we watch, look us up over at Demetri goes by Drecco there, while I go by David J. Fowlie (original, I know) or my alias dj4our.

Check it HERE!

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