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CIFF 2015: Front Cover

October 19, 2015




The one rom-com that I’ve caught so far at the 51st Chicago International Film Festival was a surprise for me, mainly because it was actually quite funny, portrayed its characters as real people in real situations and offered a believable romance. That’s pretty rare for this genre, especially one from the States, which is where “Front Cover”, written and directed by Ray Yeung, has been submitted from.



Ryan (Jake Choi) is a gay Chinese-American magazine stylist, who has suppressed his heritage for years in order to avoid being stereotyped. He yearns for his talent to drive him to the top of his profession, not his roots or  sexuality.  When he’s assigned to coordinate a photo shoot for Ning (Jason Chen) a big Chinese movie star, trying to break in to American studios, Ryan is at first annoyed by the actor’s stubbornness and then floored when his attraction is reciprocated. The movie takes a fascinating look at the true identities that these characters have hidden for so long and the valid reasons for it. Yeung has written a smart and perceptive characterization in a story that is relatable for many regardless of sexual orientation.


October 19th at 6:15pm (director Ray Yeung, Producers Stan Guingon and Kaer Vanice, and Actor James Chen scheduled to attend)







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