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Reel Talk Podcast #13 – Of Zombies and Bubbles!

September 30, 2012

Lucky episode 13 finds Demetri and myself  getting animated as we review “ParaNorman” (which we both saw) and “Finding Nemo 3D” (which I caught). Laika Studios previously brought us “Caroline” and their stop-motion macabre comedy/thriller “ParaNorman” is one of the best animated films of the year. But what about “Nemo”? Is taking another dip Down Under with these colorful familiar characters? Tune in and find out….

EPISODE 13 – Breakdown

  • Intro
  • Film News: We rundown the fall CIFF schedule (that’s the Chicago International Film Festival)
  • Discussion: “ParaNorman”/”Finding Nem0”
  • What We’ve Watched: “Arbitrage” and “Trouble with the Curve” (David) & “Titanic” on Blu-ray (Demetri)
  • Conclusion: Announcements

Music Credits: “Little Ghost” by The White Stripes”

Look us up over at Demetri goes by Drecco there, while I go by David J. Fowlie (original, I know) or my alias dj4our.

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