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This Week on DVD & Blu-ray (10-02-12)

October 2, 2012

These week sees new releases such as the latest Johnny Depp/Tim Burton collaboration as well as a supernatural thriller with Robert DeNiro from the director of “Buried”, just in time for Halloween Are either of them any good. Find out by clicking on the highlighted links below! Also out this week is “People Like Us” a drama with a decent cast (Chris Pine, Elizabeth Banks, Olivia Wilde, Mark Duplass, Jon Favreau and Michelle Pfeiffer) that kind of came and went over the summer, featuring the directorial debut of  “Lost” writer Alex Kurtzman. Out on Blu-ray this week, in celebration of its 25th anniversary, is Rob Reiner’s “The Princess Bride”, a family classic. The psychological thriller “Sound of My Voice” starring Brit Marling (“Another Earth”) is out as well. I plan on catching up with that one, as well as a couple of others. Such as director Joe Dante’s (“The Gremlins”) latest horror/thriller, “The Hole” as well as the Nazis-on-the-moon movie “Iron Sky”, a sci-fi action comedy that will hopefully be as awful as it looks.

That’s it for this week! Enjoy the Rundown….

    • 90210: The Fourth Season (DVD)
    • Adventure Classic Collection (4 Classic Movies) (DVD)
    • Adventure Time: Jake Vs Me-Mow 3 (DVD)
    • Annie (30th Anniversary) (Blu-ray)
    • Bonanza: The Official Fourth Season 1 & 2 (DVD)
    • Breast Cancer: The Path of Wellness & Healing (DVD)
    • Chained (DVD/Blu-ray)
    • Cinderella (Diamond Edition 3-Disc Combo Pack)
    • The Clintons: An American Odyssey (DVD)
    • Cowgirls N Angels (DVD/Blu-ray)
    • Cyborg (Blu-ray)
    • Dark Shadows (DVD/Blu-ray)
    • Death Warrant (Blu-ray)
    • Double Impact (Blu-ray)
    • Dr. Seuss’s Deluxe Holiday Collection (Blu-ray)
    • The First Christmas: The Story of the First Christmas Snow – Deluxe  Edition (DVD)
    • Flying Swords of Dragon Gate (DVD/Blu-ray)
    • Funkytown (DVD)
    • General Education (DVD/Blu-ray)
    • Happy Endings: Season Two (DVD)
    • Hart of Dixie: The Complete First Season (DVD)
    • Headshot (DVD/Blu-ray)
    • The Hole (DVD/Blu-ray)
    • House: The Complete Series (DVD)
    • How I Met Your Mother: The Complete Seventh Season (DVD)
    • Hypothermia (DVD)
    • In the Mood for Love (Criterion Collection) (Blu-ray)
    • Iron Sky (DVD/Blu-ray)
    • Magic City: The Complete First Season (DVD/Blu-ray)
    • Masters of the Universe (25th Anniversary Edition) (Blu-ray)
    • Milk of Sorrow (Blu-ray)
    • New Girl: Season One (DVD)
    • Night Riders (DVD/Blu-ray)
    • Nikita: The Complete Second Season (DVD/Blu-ray)
    • Overland Stage Raiders (DVD/Blu-ray)
    • People Like Us (DVD/Blu-ray)
    • Pete’s Dragon (35th Anniversary Edition, Combo Pack) (Blu-ray)
    • Pet Semetary (Blu-ray)
    • The Princess Bride: 25th Anniversary (Blu-ray)
    • Red Lights (DVD/Blu-ray)
    • Red River Range (DVD/Blu-ray)
    • Sea Level (DVD)
    • Seance: The Summoning (DVD)
    • The Six Million Dollar Man: Season 2 (DVD)
    • Sound of My Voice (DVD/Blu-ray)
    • Three Texas Steers (DVD)
    • Thundercats: Season One – Book Three (DVD)
    • Tom & Jerry: Robin Hood and his Merry Mouse (DVD/Blu-ray)
    • Train of Life (DVD/Blu-ray)
    • Transformers Rescue Bots: Roll to the Rescue (DVD)
    • VR Troopers: Season One, Volume One (DVD)
    • Whittle: The Jet Pioneer (DVD)
    • Universal Classic Monsters: The Essential Collection (Blu-ray)




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