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CHILD’S POSE (2013) review

April 28, 2014



written by: Răzvan Rădulescu and Călin Peter Netzer

produced by: Ada Solomon

directed by: Călin Peter Netzer

rating: unrated

runtime: 112 min.

U.S. release date: February 19, 2014 & April 25, 2014 (limited) 


Parents often feel responsible for their child’s reprehensible actions or despicable behavior. They may feel it reflects poorly on their own character and will go out of their way to fix a situation, make it all better. Certainly not all parents, but definitely the mother we meet in “Child’s Pose”, a Romanian film from last year that is finally getting released here in the States. It’s a fascinating film centered on a controlling and manipulative mother who will confound audiences with her own questionable behavior and blunt demeanor, leaving them to ponder whether or not her concern and emotional responses are genuine or come from a place of self-preservation.



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